8 Reasons Everyone Loves (But Also Hates) Santa Marija

That mid-August week that has our fists clenched in frustration (and excitement).

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Your pits are wet and your make up is half way down your face, but your spirits are higher than ever – it's finally time for your Santa Marija break. It's hard to see the downside to anything when you’re facing a week of sun-and-sea-filled bliss. 

But what is it about Santa Marija that makes us love it (and yet hate it) so very much?

Love Hate

Love: The fact that we’re forced to not work

Your employer/the whole country is basically paying you to do nothing all day - nice.

No Work

Hate: The fact that other people also don't have to work

You’re one of the five companies that aren’t on shutdown and you’re basically living in a business apocalypse. 

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Love: It's a version of your usual social life… on speed

You never have less than three plans a day, and half of them include a long break with your friends in Gozo.

Social Calendar

Hate: Everyone else also has plans, and they're exactly like yours

On the fifteenth "hi, orrajt, you're in Nadur as well?" you realise – you're part of the problem. 

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Love: Family BBQs

Getting your entire family together in one place is near impossible - but for Santa Marija you know they will all show up and bring all the food.


Hate: Also family BBQs

On the third round of your zibel aunt asking when she’s going to meet your new partner, you remember why you haven't carved more family time into your calendar.

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Love: The weather

No matter what happens, the mid-August sunshine is always going to do wonders for bronzed-beauty look. And no one does summer quite like Malta.


Hate: The people the weather attracts

Most of the beaches that aren't already overloaded with Maltese people, will be blocked off by herds of fluorescent tourists. Trying to go to any beach to relax without the smell of sunblock and sizzling flesh is sheer folly.

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What are you looking forward to doing over this Santa Marija break? Leave us a comment on Facebook, and send us a Snap while you're out and about!

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