Our Favourite Moments From The 'Politicks Card Game'

You just can't shake Alfred Sant, and you'll never know when Daphne's mole is gonna get you!

Joseph And Simon

If you were one of the hundreds of people who backed the incredible success that was the "Politicks Card Game" then you've probably spent the weekend playing the game non-stop.

Well, we certainly have - and it just gets better with each round. Apart from the interesting game dynamics, and the constant paranoia that your trump card is going to get blasted in the last second - the game also has some hilarious 'hidden' gems that really bring the characters to life.

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Alfred Sant can never be 'discarded' - he just keeps coming back


Party elections, Prime Minister and now MEP, there's just no shaking Alfred Sant!

2. Richie tal-Farfett's 'Ruth Amaira for President' badge


During his brief run for office, Richard 'Tal-Farfett' Sultana knew exactly what the people wanted, and that was beloved newscaster Ruth Amaira to be our head of state!

3. Carmel Cacopardo's entire card (the image alone is enough)


The creators nailed a lot of the caricatures, but something about Cacopardo just makes us giggle every time. That shirt and tie combo is everything.

4. The concept of Daphne's Mole being a major event

Daphnes Mole

Of course, the infamous blogger had to be included somehow.

5. Mintoff losing influence when trying to win over a religious faction


Well... they're not wrong.

6. David Agius 'copying' all other politicians

David Agius

David's been in a spot of trouble in the past over allegations that he copied during his time at university. Well in the fictional world of Politicks, he's back at it again!

7. The 'Panama account' card


Just like in real life, those who use the Panama Account love it, everyone else is left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

8. Lorry Sant having the power to stop events

Lorry Sant

He's been known to have the power to shut down events... by any means necessary.

9. Emmy Bezzina's cameo... and not as a politician 


Even better than a caricature, Emmy is immortalised in a way he'd appreciate the most - via verbal abuse.

Bonus: Joseph and Simon's caricatures  

Joseph And Simon

It's good to see the two of them so perfectly portrayed (and so happy to be near each other)!

If you want to get your hands on a copy, you're still in time to buy it from their indiegogo page!

Have you played the game yet? Who's your favourite? Let us know in the comments on Facebook, and tag a friend who needs to buy it!

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