12 Pastizzi Flavours Malta Should Have Had All Along

How has nobody done this yet?

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The Maltese pastizz has not evolved for centuries now. The cheap and cheerful ricotta and pea varieties are the only two you can expect to find. 

But taking a page out of our Australian friends' book, what if we were to reimagine the pastizz with a bunch of flavours that are also quite unique to Malta?

1. Gbejna & Gozo Honey

Just think of the flavours

2. Maltese Sausage & Brie 

Primarily because Maltese sausage is perfection

Giphy 19

3. Pastizzi Biz-Zejt 

Featuring all your key ingredients for Hobz Biz-Zejt: Tomatoes, Kunserva, Olive Oil, Onions, Salt, Pepper and Mint or Basil.

4. Lampuki Pie 

I mean, it practically exists already, we just haven't placed the Lampuki Pie ingredients into their rightful place: a pastizz.

5. Rabbit Pastizz 

As our fake favourite national meal, shouldn't rabbit find itself in a pastizz in some form? I'm thinking the garlic-and-fried variety.

Giphy 20

6. Horsemeat and Blue Label

Forget your classic steak and ale pie. The Maltese twist would feature horsemeat (the kind you expect, not the surprise kind) and Blue Label, probably Malta's finest ale.

7. Bigilla

No? Too much?

Giphy 21

8. Lamb and Wild Thyme

This could be the gourmet option.

9. Pulled Majjal ta' Malta (Maltese pork)

It's all the rage right now, right?

10. Chicken And Patata l-Forn (Roast Potatoes)

Nobody does roast potatoes quite like the Maltese. We have potato blood in our veins and so should our pastizzi.

11. Bebbux (snails) u Patata Maxx

More potatoes but this time flavoured with this delicious Maltese delicacy.

12. Bajd u Bacon

A classic waiting to be discovered. If there's something we're passionate about, it's bacon.

Giphy 22

Can YOU think of any great pastizzi flavours Malta should embrace? Tell us on Facebook, or let us know in the comments below.

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