7 Delicious Carrot Cakes You Can Get In Malta

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At the beginning of this week Lovin Malta's asked its readers to help us out with finding the best slice of carrot cake on the islands. The advice was plentiful and varied. But there were some sure winners within the long list of suggestions.

Here's a countdown of the seven best places to get carrot cake in Malta, as voted by you. If you need us we'll be verifying the results – slice by slice.

7. Jalie's Coffee, Cakes & Bakes

Jalie's was a repeat mention on the list and it's not hard to see why. Their gorgeous looking cake looks even more inviting in the context of a full-blown afternoon tea. Weekend plan? We think so. 

6. Debbie's Cafe

Debbie's Cafe in Mellieħa offers a vegan carrot cake option – so if that's what suits your dietary needs, you can still enjoy one of the most delicious slices of the good stuff!

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5. Baked

If you want your carrot cake made just for you, go with the super-popular bespoke bakery – Baked. This layered carrot cake topped with white chocolate drizzle and Kinder Bueno / Kinder Country shards is the kind of thing you'll get. #HeavenOnEarth


4. Fontanella

Old-school tea room Fontanella got a solid shout out from our readers. Even though the Mdina hang-out known is more commonly for it's legendary chocolate cake, it's carrot cake is apparently not too shabby at all. Especially if you like yours with a view. 

3. Lulu Cafe

Lulu Cafe's carrot cake was a popular candidate for the best one in Malta (n.b whatever these guys serve usually also comes in cupcake format, talk abut a bonus). We would add that it's a super cute place to eat cake and work at the same time. Hey, nothing wrong with a bit of sugar with your business meeting, right?

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2. Mint

Mint was the second most recommended carrot cake destination in Malta. The famous Sliema corner cafe is known for it's super friendly service, and we all know that carrot cake is always served best with a smile!


1. Cupcakerija

But the most votes were reserved for Cupcakerija – another made-to-order bakery that creates homemade, handcrafted cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. This place is an absolute favourite for Maltese carrot-cake fiends. So we'd suggest giving these guys a call and organising your next carrot cake party pronto. Our invite should be sent to [email protected] Thanks. 


BONUS: Honourable Mentions

There were loads of other suggestions from our readers, so we thought we'd give a quick shout out to some other carrot cake hot spots on the islands. Here goes:

Baker Street
Caffe Berry
Toffee & Co
Cup Cake
Marks & Spencer
The Cake Box

Do you agree with the most popular choices? Let us know in the comments below and tag a friend who you know loves carrot cake!

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