7 Pizza Delivery Favourites In Malta

Plan your night in before this weekend's festivities

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A couple of weeks ago, we asked our readers to vote for their favourite pizza delivery place in a seriously divisive poll. The results were close, but we now have a definitive breakdown of Malta's pizza preference.

And it couldn't have come at a better time – what with today being Christmas Eve eve, many of us are quite happy to chill out with a good Christmas film and tuck in to some cheesy goodness. 

Here's where Lovin Malta readers reckon you should get yours from. 

1. Ir-Rokna

Malta's self-proclaimed 'oldest pizzeria' was the leader in our pizza delivery poll. A quarter of the voters chose this traditional little gem as their favourite place for pizza delivery. And we can't argue with that overload of cheesy goodness. 

Tip: Although Ir-Rokna's menu is full of fancy pizzas (even one with pulled pork on it), if you want to get the purist Rokna experience, go for a simple one. Their margherita will help you understand why this place is so popular.

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2. The Oven

Coming in at a close 2nd was The Oven pizzeria. Ever since these guys joined the pizza delivery party it's been one crazy good time. They've got a super varied menu and use lovely, fresh ingredients. We're on board with this choice.

Tip: Try their new Aubergine Supreme pizza – perfect for a winter night in!

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3. Pizza Hut

Klessiiikkkkk! Pizza Hut is that guilty pleasure that no Maltese person can resist. In fact, a Pizza Hut pizza is really very much like a Maltese person – over the top, indulgent, pretty unhealthy, but will elevate your night to 'amazing' status in under five minutes. 

Tip: Whatever you do don't forget to also order breadsticks. 

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4. Amigos

Amigos didn't start out being famous for pizza, but now they're one of Malta's favourites for it. Their pizzas are super tasty and they make their crust with sesame seeds sprinkled on it – ¡nos gusta!

Tip: You're going to want to try their calzone. Seriously. 

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5. Piccolo Padre

Despite it's gorgeous location, people are still keen to bring the pizza to them, instead of going to the pizza. They launched a new menu this summer, so you've got some tough decisions ahead of you...

Tip: If you want a pizza, but also kind of wish you could start the night with a Maltese Platter – Piccolo Padre have got you sorted. Go for the Maltese Islands pizza, fully loaded with: bigilla, mozzarella fior di latte, smoked Maltese sausage, Gozo goat cheese, black olives, sundried tomato, onion and garlic marmalade.

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6. Pizza Planet

This place is known for it's great service – it's fast and friendly and it always keeps Maltese pizza eaters happy. If you need a pizza fix quite quickly, these guys are probably your best bet.

Tip: Especially good if you're ordering as a group. One guy claimed to have got 11 pizzas delivered 30 minutes after ordering! Now that's fast...

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7. Bianco's 

Many reviewers rank this place as the best for pizza in Malta for it's simple, light, and tasty ingredients. If you're after classically good Italian pizza, Bianco's is definitely a safe bet.

Tip: Try the Bianco's Special – grapes on a pizza? We think – yes. 

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Screen Shot 2016 12 23 At 10 46 50

BONUS: Honourable Mentions

Aside from the top ranked pizza delivery places on our list, we got a couple of suggestions which we felt looked too delicious to go unmentioned. So here goes:

1. Il-Forn Ta' L-Għawdxi

Classic Gozitan tradition of having potatoes on pizza but this time at home – it's a yes from us. 

Screen Shot 2016 12 23 At 11 00 10
Screen Shot 2016 12 23 At 11 00 49

2. Love Pizza

Super reasonable prices and yummy looking pizzas. Can't ask for more really.

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Screen Shot 2016 12 23 At 10 54 56

Do you agree with the rankings? Have we left your favourite out? Tell us in the comments section!

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