Lovin Malta Celebrates 1 Million Views

Love them mid-week hangovers at work

Lovin Malta Team

It's been an insane three-month journey, and the Lovin team is beyond thrilled to have reached 1 million views in such a short period of time. We decided to celebrate this in the only way the Maltese really know how - with way too much food and wine!

Piccolo Padre was kind enough to set up a perfect evening for us, during which we got to taste their new menu. We're still suffering from our massive food coma, so you can imagine how productive our Tuesday has been. Nevertheless we push on; here are some of our favourite treats from last night.

Let the food feast begin


We started with a plate of fried calamari. Absolutely divine and always a crowd pleaser,


This was followed by a mushroom bruschetta which was definitely one of our favourites of the evening. Who needs classic brushcetta when you can have perfectly toasted bread topped with mushrooms literally covered in melted cheese?

Pea Dip

Obviously we wouldn't be Maltese, if we weren't served a bunch of dips and bigilla with a large amount of bread at the beginning of a meal. But this pea curry dip certainly stood out from the three. 


Now for the main course! 

Img 5425
Img 5429


Img 5448
Img 5435 1

Thanks again Piccolo Padre for a super enjoyable evening!

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Ann And Bert