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Good grub comes easy in the capital

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Since we've moved into the Valletta Hub, we've tried tons of food places around the city. And even though summer is over and we're more likely to get away with a little paunch, sharing our healthier recommendations with the rest of the island seems like the decent thing to do after yesterday's grim news on national obesity.

No. 43

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No. 43 is probably the best place to grab a quick and healthy bite in the city. The Australian-run eatery is not only the most conveniently located (bang in the heart of Merchant Street), it also serves food the quickest which is crucial on those stolen lunch breaks. The kitchen is an impressive factory of super healthy freshly produced food ranging from lentil salads to quinoa, bulgar wheat and even the odd gnocci or pasta. At €5 per plate, you can get a very decently sized portion mixing any of the day's salads together. You can also have a seat and watch passersby hurry to the next meeting while you zen out on good food. 

Piadina Caffe


Ranked 4th best restaurant in Valletta on TripAdvisor even though it's just a tiny cafe on St Lucy's Street, Piadina Caffe is the original city hotspot. It arrived before Valletta became the coolest place to work and it garnered a great reputation for friendly service, fresh Italian snacks and the healthiest of food. Now with a seated section just opposite, Piadina is perfect in so many ways. No wonder it has maintained popularity throughout the years. 

Soul Food


Soul Food is another very popular healthy haunt in the city. You need to be prepared to wait and spend a little bit more here. But that means your dish is freshly prepared just for you. This is perfect for vegans and vegetarians, offering some great alternative burgers and Italian pastas. Once you're here, try one of their delicious juices.

The Grassy Hopper

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From humble foodtruck beginnings to an ever-growing revolutionary business, The Grassy Hopper is for the more committed healthitarians. You won't find a shred of meat here but you will find delicious healthy vegan and vegetarian equivalents that are served with an extraordinary amount of love and creativity. And if you want to treat yourself to something a little cheekier, hop from St John's Street to Old Theatre Street and you'll find Theobroma, a raw cacao kiosk that gives you just the right amount of guilt and pride. 

The Submarine

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If you don't equate healthy food with zero carbs, there's another great place worth checking out: The Submarine. Just adjacent to No. 43, this tiny establishment serves delicious freshly prepared sandwiches that you design yourself. Pick a type of bread (we recommend piadigella), and your choice of cheese, meat and veg, and wait for heaven to melt in your mouth. Also, you'll meet the friendliest hostess in Valletta. 

J'Oli Sandwich Salad Bar

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J'Oli Sandwich Salad Bar is exactly what it says on the tin. A basic salad bar that you can turn into your own salad, sandwich, or wrap. They also have a pasta bake every day and lots of other snacks and nibbles for the naughty healthy eaters who want a muffin to comfort their salads. Find them on St John's Street.

Ġugar Hangout & Bar


Ġugar is slightly more off-centre, approaching the end of Republic Street. But if diving knee deep in hippies is your thing, this is the best place to be for some delicious dips, light sandwiches, soups, smoothies and chocolate balls, of course. Unlike most of the other places mentioned above, Ġugar is even better at night where it becomes a proper hangout, as the full name implies. Enjoy a beer on the sofa or stand up outside and watch the streets come alive.

Dr. Juice

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Dr. Juice doesn't need much of an introduction. What you might not know is that besides their scrumptious (and filling) juices and smoothies, they also offer some pretty decent healthy snacks including their vegetarian omlette rollup, salads and wrap melts. Also worth a try is their frozen yogurt to end your meal right. Find them at Merchant Street.

Culto Caffetteria-Panineria

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And lastly, a great place for decent coffee, fresh tapas and do-it-yourself salads, Culto also delivers food to offices in the area, so feel free to call them to book something scrumptious and healthy even on a particularly busy day. 

Can you think of any we missed out? Maybe a cool new place we need to be among the first to try? Write to us in a comment below or on Facebook.

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Chris Peregin