Top Maltese Restaurant Opens Its Doors In Budapest

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Celebrated Maltese restaurant Caviar & Bull, run by chef and entrepreneurial genius Marvin Gauci has opened its doors in Hungary at the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest.

The restaurant will retain a similar style to the one in Malta (aka class AF) and serve up a lot of signature dishes that made the St Julian's haunt so wildly successful.

The hotel is located just 2km from the famous Chain Bridge and was opened back in 2003. The building itself has always been a landmark of sorts to the locals, at least since the late 1800s, but Gauci's restaurant will now also make it mecca for food lovers in the region.


From thousands of euros worth of caviar, to the finest cuts of meats (and of course, a molecular twist or two) the restaurant promises a dining experience like no other... unless you've visited the Caviar & Bull in Malta, then you already know you're in for a serious treat. 

In the words of the chef himself, good things come when a love for food meets a passion for fine dining. Here's to the success of Caviar & Bull Budapest.

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