Inside Kebabji 2.0: Photos From Lebanese Eatery's New Paceville Venue Tease A Very Different Version Of The Iconic Corner

The place is barely recognisable... but it will soon be serving up some very familiar falafel and hummus

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For the last couple of years, walking down the streets of Paceville has been an interesting mix of sad nostalgic sights of closed down clubs and a confusing overload of new eateries popping up everywhere. Amidst all the chaos, however, New York Best's corner glass structure had become somewhat of a staple. Now, that's all changed.

Earlier this year, many were saddened to find out that the popular local fast food chain would be closing its doors in Paceville... only to be left unsure whether to continue crying or start jumping for joy as they found out it would be replaced by one of the island's best kebab houses.

But with New York Best's corner eatery becoming such a popular and instantly recognisable spot, many wondered what the bustling Paceville street would look like now that 2, Triq Paceville would be under new management.

As the iconic corner spot's permanent shift from New York Best to Kebabji enters its final stages, the Lebanese eatery took to Facebook today to share photos of what their Paceville branch will look like, saying they'll be opening for business "soon"

And beyond the obvious signage and cuisine differences, the place looks barely recognisable from its NYB days.

Everything from the tables to the ceiling have been changed to fit Kebabji's aesthetic, even though some small nuggets like the toilets' hand-painted signs remain. We can't help but wonder, though; will the Insta-famous Don't Don't Don't Believe The Hype bathroom wall-art survive the refurbishment?

Kebabji's manager Jamal has confirmed that the menu will be staying the same, so you can expect to pick up your favourite Lebanese dishes, be they shawarma, falafel, or a classic mixed pita bread, in Paceville now.

As eateries open and close every month in the clubbing town, Kebabji could be able to consolidate lovers of Middle Eastern food in the area.

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And don't think this means the end of New York Best - owner Tommy Diacono has promised some big surprises coming in the next few months

Oh and don't worry; Fat Louie's will stay as is!

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