Lovin Malta Celebrates 2 Million Views

With a nine-course taster menu at Electro Lobster Project. #fancy

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Just four months since launching and it's hard for most people to remember a time when Lovin Malta wasn't around. We are overjoyed at the love we have received from followers all over our amazing islands – and beyond! 

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So last night we celebrated our latest milestone in style with a 9-course taster dinner at Electro Lobster Project in Balluta. In retrospect, perhaps we could have passed on the last (three) glasses of wine... but they came with such friendly, warm service it was hard to say no! Also, who the hell ever says no to more wine? 


Pre-meal cocktail

The night began with a gin & tonic with a twist, and not just the actual orange zest twist that made it look extra fancy – a "there's no tonic in this gin & tonic" twist. 

Our legendary waiter for the night, Sarath, explained that replacing the tonic water with grapefruit lemonade cuts out that bitter aftertaste and takes the drink to a whole new level. Truth. Their version of a G&T is so good they even built a competition around it


First Half – Fishtastic!

We moved onto the first half of the menu at a comfortable pace – something many restaurants get wrong in Malta. But Sarath and his counterparts glided through the first four courses like a troop of very friendly ninjas. They knew everything about the food and drink, including how much sheep like to eat the particular grape made to use the wine we were drinking. Guess we're in good company. 

The beef and lobster carpaccio and pan-seared scallops were very delicious, but the show stopper had to be the marinated red mullet, served with green bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and green olives – light, tangy, taste-massage on the tongue. 

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Intermission – Fresh AF.

As we geared up for the second, more meaty half of the menu we were invited to cleanse our palate with a lemony-minty sorbet. Sweet! (literally)


Second Half – Meatgasm.

Two winners here: grilled lamb with spring onion, chili, honey and apple – wow; pan-seared duck breast with fois gras and a carrot and pine nut puree – actually maybe this was the ultimate winner. A perfect savoury end to this awesome culinary marathon. 


Finale – who knew green tea could be dessert?

Green tea panna cotta – so strange but so nice. But the white chocolate parfait was definitely the star here. #fullpoints


BONUS: Totes gluten-free friendly!

Just because our Head of Content has recently embarked on the trials and tribulations of the gluten-free world, doesn't mean he had to skip any courses. The ELP chefs prepared a delish gluten-free penne version of our ravioli with lobster and avocado sauce. #happychucky

Gluten Free

Thanks Electro Lobster Project for treating us to this epic food fest. And thanks to everyone who got us to 2 million – here's to the next milestone!

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