Lovin Malta's Most Read Articles So Far

Can you guess the ones that made it to the top?

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Lovin Malta was born four months ago, today! Since then, we've engaged more than 475,000 new users and had over 1.6 million page views. These are insane numbers to wrap our heads around, and we really just want to thank you all for reading.

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But have you ever wondered which of our articles performed best? In the spirit of our love for lists, here's a list created by you, our amazing community of Lovin Malta fans.

From the bottom up, here's our top 10 posts...

10. 25 Ways a Eurovision Win Will Change Malta


Eurovision was always going to be a winner, especially when we all believed we were close to clinching it this time. How wrong were we?

9. 9 Of Malta's Most Haunted Locations


Your comprehensive guide to Malta's most haunted spaces, perfect for organising a weekend night hike. If you're brave enough. You might want to read this before.

8. 13 Things That Happen At Every Maltese BBQ

Gif Still Bbq

It might have been Zac Efron's abs, but judging by your reactions, this certainly has potential to become a Lovin Malta classic. 

7. Quiz: How Maltese are YOU?

Luzzu Quiz

Our first quiz was perhaps unbelievably endorsed by both Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his arch-nemesis blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia, who featured as one of the potential quiz results. We later got to know who Joseph Muscat got. And yes, it was Daphne. 

6. 9 Things To Stop Telling Maltese People


The first in our very successful 'Things To Stop Telling...' series did pretty well. That gif tho. 

5. 13 Things To Stop Telling Gozitans


And then there were the Gozitans, who loved the concept even more.

4. 5 Signs Ira Was Pregnant

Ira Feature Pregnant

Malta's Eurovision hopeful Ira Losco is about to pop by now. But only four months ago her pregnancy was a badly kept state secret. As soon as the news was officially out, however, we reminded people of why we should've known all along. 

3. Scarred Maltese Model Owns Her New Look


There's nothing quite like setting The Salott alight. But that's what happened when we shared the story of up-and-coming model Sarah Zerafa who was left with scars on her face after an unfortunate incident with her dog. Public reaction was split: some hated her for getting so much attention for a scar and others praised her for her positive attitude. Almost 8,000 people shared the story on Facebook. 

2. Dinner In The Sky Coming To Malta This August


By far the most shared Lovin Malta story yet - with more than 14,000 Facebook shares - was our announcement that Dinner In The Sky is coming to Malta. We also got the chance to try it out along with the rest of the press. And here's our advice before you do the same. 

1. 11 Things To Stop Telling People Who Live In The South Of Malta

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But even 14,000 shares couldn't beat the readership that this story attracted. With more than 40,000 views, presumably spread evenly across the north and south of the island. Things To Stop Telling People Who Live In The South Of Malta is the winner so far. 

Do you think you can do better? Do you have a clever idea for an article we should write? Write to us on [email protected] or send us a Facebook message! Who knows, your piece could be next on this list.

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