These Maltese Eateries Serve The Craziest Types Of Pastizzi Around

Goodbye irkotta and piżelli, you were fun while you lasted

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Pastizzi: Maltese wonder-food or the reason for our obesity problem? The vagina-shaped foods are the store of lore - as Maltese as the merill and as tasty as a flaky 400 calorie-bomb can be, the pastizzi will be a part of Maltese culture until the end of time.

However, some pastizzeriji have changed with the times and decided to step up their pastizzi filling game. 

Here are some of the places around Malta that offer unique takes on the classic pastizzi - you can leave the cheese and peas at the door.

1. Is-Suq tal-Belt

Try: the Maltese Sausage pastizz

Have you ever wanted to try curried lentil or Maltese sausage in a pastizzi? No? Yes?! Well, (un)lucky for you, the newly opened Is-Suq tal-Belt is serving all of these flavours, and more. 

2. St. Philip Confectionary

Try: the rabbit pastizz

These guys are lowkey changing the game, one pastizz at a time. From caramelised apple to rabbit to Nutella to chicken pastizzi, St. Philip's is setting a new standard for confectionaries all over the island. 

3. Manouche

Try: the beef cheek and curried pea pastizz

The newest eatery on the block to serve alternative pastizzi, Manouche looks set to raise the bar on the lowly pastizzi. Offering pumpkin and bacon pastizzi to feta, spinach and mint, Manouche could be a sign of things to come. 

Call before visiting them - they've barely just launched, and while the menu is out they may not have the ingredients yet. 

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4. Baggy's Food N' Stuff

Try: the apple pastizzi

They offer the infamous Nutella pastizzi - but get the apple pastizzi. It's just like a crispy, flaky Apple strudel, minus the sugar dust and plus the Maltese-ness.

Baggy S Food N Stuff

5. Dolci Peccatti

Try: the Nutella pastizz

This upscale eatery offers some tasty Nutella pastizzi. But don't be fooled by the Sliema location - you will still get heartburn when you eat this decadent dish. 


6. Jon's Pastizzeria

Try: also the Nutella pastizzi

On the other end of the price scale, head to Jon's Pastizzeria for some authentic Nutella pastizzi, then cross the road and stroll along the Msida marina to burn off some of it. 

Pastizzi Nutella

7. Pjazza Gelateria

Try: the pastizzi ice-cream

OK - pastizzi-flavoured ice-cream may not be actual pastizzi, but come on - pastizzi-flavoured ice-cream y'all! 

This place changes its specials regularly, so best to call first and confirm they are serving the delectable nectar of the Maltese gods before making the trip to Sliema. 

8. Pastizzi Gourmet

Try: literally everything

The undisputed queen of alternative pastizzi, Pastizzi Gourmet has been serving up the most impressive alternative version of pastizzi for some years now. Expect everything from lamb and mint to blueberry and strawberry - and most of it comes in gluten-free form as well.

BONUS: Mario's Pastizzi

Try: the pizza pastizzi

He might be all the way in Australia, but anyone also offering seafood pastizzi deserves to be that far away. 

Img 6349 1

Bacon and egg pastizzi, also in Australia

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