9 Reasons Why Maltese People Are Basically Cats

Not including the fact that Malta is basically one giant litterbox

Cat Hat

We here at Lovin Malta sure do love our feline companions. Despite a few minor disagreements here and there, we also love the locals who live on the Maltese islands. This connection cannot simply be written off as pure coincidence, and here's why:

1. We like our long naps

Cat Yawning

We definitely find a way to take a break, whenever, wherever. Our aim in life is to achieve great results, with as much beauty sleep as we can possibly get. 

2. We take up all space available to us, even if we don't need it

Cat In Box

Ever seen a cat spread out on a chair, making it impossible for anyone to sit next to it? That’s practically every Maltese person on a bench, on the bus, in any form of queue. You name it, we spread out in it.

3. A full dinner for some is just a light snack for us

Cat With Popcorn

Is that enough food for you? Never. Our appetite never ceases and we’ll always find space for that extra piece of ftira.

4. We lower people's expectations, to impress them when we make an effort

Lil Bub

The greatest surprise to any cat-owner is when your furry friend approaches just to give you some spontaneous love. Malta is a tiny island, and no one expects much from us, so when we achieve something internationally significant, everyone’s is awe.

5. We like our claws out, and our paws dirty

Cat Fight

Whenever a political issue arises, Malta becomes one huge cat fight.

6. We hide our shit before we carry on

Cat With Money

Even though the Maltese are very outgoing people, we still like to keep certain things to ourselves. This includes concealing things that make us look bad. Very few people are allowed in on our dirty little secrets.

7. We form intimidating, yet docile gangs

Cat With Glasses

From the group of nanniet sitting on their stoop, to 'The Perfs' trawling the streets of Valletta, our version of gangs are adorable (until you get too close).

8. We never move out, but when we’re gone for a day everyone worries

Cat Guarding Cat

With very few exceptions, most Maltese people don't move out of their house till they're married or move abroad, so if you're not home for 24 hours expect a worried Facebook post to begin circling. We just hope your cash reward is high enough to warrant a search party.

9. You either love us or hate us

Taylor With Cats

In general, there's no way to tell whether people are going to love the small-island mentality, or absolutely hate it - we just hope most of the world is secretly a crazy cat lady.

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