EXCLUSIVE: The Names Of All The Golden Bay Baby Turtles

Malta's babies are ready to take on the world!

Baby Turtle Feature

Earlier this week we announced the amazing news that 60 baby turtles nesting in Golden Bay had hatched in the early hours of the morning, and wiggled their way towards the sea.

Now, the little buggers are swimming about, eating jellyfish and doing adorable turtle things. But earlier this morning Lovin Malta spoke to the mother of these beautiful babies, and she has now confirmed that we can release the names of all 60 of her kids.

So here goes nothing:

49 Turtles

Phew! Oh wait, there's more:

11 Names

There you have it! And just in case you need a list, the names, in no particular order are:

Ryan, Tyra, Xmun, Xmun-Pietru, Simon, Peter, Selene, Celine, Sean, Shaun, Zac, Alfred, Zach, Zak, Mark, Marc, CelineDion, Beyonce, Christian, Karmen, Karmenu, Elise, Elisa, Liza, Lisa, Elize, Franny, Duminku, Fran, Franchie, Sarah, Eileen, Tumas, Thomas, Mariah, Darlene, Tom, Żepp, Ġuża, Paula, Paul, Matteo, Matthew, Matt, Indri, Chris, Joseph, George, Marlene, Xerise, Rihanna, Carl, Maria, Martina, Doris, Daniela, Kurt, Stephan, Stefen, and Daphne.


Good luck little ones, swim free (and safe)!

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