16 Things Everyone Who Grew Up With Religious Maltese Parents Will Recognise

"Pa, reading Harry Potter won't turn me into a witch"

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Considering the fact that Malta is what it is, to some degree we all grew up in a religious household. But some parents took their devotion to new levels. Here's 16 things kids with extremely religious parents will remember:

1. Going to mass alone, and being quizzed on the colours the priest was wearing

Because asking about the service is too easy to dodge.

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2.  Being forced to wait on the zuntier after mass so your parents can speak to the kappillan


3. Not being allowed to play Pokemon like the rest of your friends

Who's laughing now?

Evil Pokemons

4. Begging to be allowed to read Harry Potter

It's a children's book, not a grimoire.

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5. And forget ever going to Paceville

That place is a workshop for sin!


6. Repeatedly hearing that this pope is "really different from the others!"

John Paul II, the original papal rebel.

Cool Mom

7. Being reminded that the church is the only reason for your education

Nothing to do with my teachers... for sure.

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8. Never bringing friends over because of all the santi around your house


9. And cause you're too embarassed by how loudly your mother prays over dinner


10. Having to hear "God loves me, he always puts me first" whenever they find parking in Sliema

Sure Jan

11. Feeling the shame as your mother shuffles through the pews to read during mass

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12. And considering walking out as she starts to sing the Hallelujah directly into the mic


13. Having a tberik tal-familja turn into a whole lunch

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14. Mostly because your parents heard that this priest is "really cool ta"


15. Spending a fortune paying off all your debt to Sant Antnin for losing things

Counting Dollars

16. Having God take all the credit when you do well in your exams

Yup, it was all him - my endless all-nighters had nothing to do with it

How Dare You

Tag your siblings if they know what it's like

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