VOTE NOW: Lovin Malta's #PartitLM Has Been Nominated For The Best Social Media Campaign Of 2017

The dream lives on

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The nominations for this years MCA eBusiness Awards are in, and Lovin Malta is up for a Best Social Media Campaign Award! 

Our #PartitLM campaign was an April Fool's stunt which saw us actually register as a political party a couple of months before the general election. We had even asked our readers to choose which billboard they'd like to see on Malta's roads.

And while we didn't end up running for election, we did come up with a very serious (and intensive) electoral manifesto with 52 different proposals, one for every week of the year. 

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Click here for Partit LM's full electoral manifesto from 2017

April 1st came to a close with the reveal of our very own anthem, a crucial component of any campaign. All the national news media took the bait and picked the story up, and for a second, even we ourselves were ready to #Believe.

By the end of the campaign, thousands of Euro worth of PR space were generated. Combining PR, social media, video, music, radio, social media influencers, web platforms and crowdfunding, the campaign reached more than 600,000 Facebook users despite a zero budget.

By the end, all the people hoping that an organisation like Lovin Malta would actually run for a general election helped to raise awareness about important political issues. That's when we realised we couldn't stop there.

Following the great response to the #PartitLM campaign, Lovin Malta later launched What Floats Your Vote?an online platform that put voters in the driving seat. Helping people starting a real conversation with the candidates vying for their votes, the platform resulted with over 12,000 emails being sent to candidates ahead of the last year's election.

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Here's how you can help Lovin Malta win this award

The public has a 50% say on this award, so we need you for one very small but special thing.

Public voting is now open for the Best Social Media Campaign Award, and will remain open until 15th February. You'll only be asked to log into your Facebook account to be able vote. 

So get voting here to make sure the #PartitLM dream lives on!

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Vote for our April Fools' campaign and share this post if you remember how it all went down!

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