Creepy Website Rates Famous Feet And Features Five Maltese Celebs

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From today's crop of "why is this even a thing", we bring you wikiFeet, a self-proclaimed "collaborative celebrity feet website". Yep, Malta's weird fetishes are facing some pretty stiff competition. 

To combat some of the weird vibes being given off, the website boasts a rules section where members of "The Guild" will ban any sexual references, hateful, racist or derogatory comments. 

That being said, it didn't stop them from introducing an "ugly" to "beautiful" scale. The site also comes with a remarkably exhaustive list of nationalities lucky for us, Malta is featured too. 

Here are the five Maltese celebrities that (we're guessing involuntarily) made it to wikiFeet's database, along with the site's rating stats for each:

1. Claudia Faniello

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The 28-year-old singer is basically Eurovision Royalty. Despite never making it to the international stage, we should definitely consider sending her though, considering the splash she's made online thanks to her feet.


Beautiful: 43%, Nice: 22%, Ok: 21%, Bad: 7%, Ugly: 7%

2. Clare Agius

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Trust wikiFeet to hone in on a snap like this. TV personality Clare Agius has over the years built up an impressive CV of TV and theatre credits. And now she can add creepy foot-stalkers to her list of fans.


Beautiful: 37%, Nice: 9%, Ok: 36%, Bad: 9%, Ugly: 9%

3. Marama Corlett

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Marama Corlett is a highly successful half-Maltese actress living abroad. It seems like her awesome film portfolio is not the only thing that's attracting people though, as she can also boast one of the most viewed and highly-rated pair of feet in Malta with over 60 votes... if that's anything anyone would want to brag about.


Beautiful: 40%, Nice: 27%, Ok: 22%, Bad: 6%, Ugly: 5% 

4. Tiffany Pisani


Of course our homegrown top model made the list, and judging by the votes, it seems the #Tiffeet craze is very real.


Beautiful: 39%, Nice: 32%, Ok: 15%, Bad: 7%, Ugly: 7% 

5. Ira Losco

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OK, did you really think Ira wasn't going to be on this list? Malta's sweetheart is one of the few celebrities to hit over 50% on their Beautiful [feet] rating. We're willing to bet that half the people who voted were disappointed at the lack of bare, wet feet in her Walk On Water music video.


Beautiful: 50%, Nice: 20%, Ok: 10%, Bad: 10%, Ugly: 10%

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