Hottest Maltese Brothers

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The Lowells

Constantly looking like they just stepped out of a movie scene, the Lowells have been busy shaking things up locally, and internationally. Christian currently works in design in San Francisco, Micky has founded his own clothing brand, and Matthew is the director of business development at Binda Consulting (and of course, a Lovin Malta contributor).

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The Randons

This sibling duo work together on several photography and film projects across the island, and overseas. They also probably work out together, because that physique doesn't come from endless nights playing COD and throwing the remote at one another.

Randons 3
Randons 2

The Camilleris

This ball smashing, pool splashing duo has already been mentioned on Lovin Malta's power couple list - but it'd be quite the faux pas to leave them out of this one too.

Camilleris 2

The Debattistas 

Beefy and artistic, the Debattista brothers love to create, or be, the beautiful designs that everyone loves to stare at.

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The Herreras

Two's company, and three's a crowd, but if we're talking about the Herreras, well then that's a crowd many people wouldn't mind squeezing into. Footballers, triathletes and evolutionary biology doctorates - the Herreras have it all.


The Tabones

A pilot, a model and another pilot who's also a model: the Tabones are to put it simply, a bit too fucking lucky. 

Untitled Design 42

The Camilles

Did you know hottie Ben Camille also had a hot younger brother? If not - well then you're very welcome! The more faux-foreign surnamed hotties, the better.

Camilles 2

The Paces

You don't have to love the same things to love your sibling - Gabriel and Raphael steam things up in very different departments. Gabriel is pursuing an engineering degree and plays water polo, while Raphael backflips his way across several big international musical theatre performances.

Paces 1

The Borgs

Serial entrepreneurs and at least one Bruno Mars lookalike, these guys don't only have great smiles, they've got brains and brawn to match.

Untitled Design 43

The Azzopardis

This modelling duo's got nothing to worry about when it comes to future careers, if all else fails they can spend their time cutting glass with their cheekbones. Also check out their incredibly hot video by Steven Levi Vella.

Dyan And Nicki

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