'Malta Is Amazing... It Feels Like Mars,' says Walking Dead's Laurie Holden

And there's more to her Maltese connection...

Malta is an "amazing" Mars-like place which gave Laurie Holden her best childhood memories and her first taste of acting.

Skip ahead to 5:10 for the Malta mention.

The Walking Dead actress, who plays Andrea in the TV series about zombies, revealed her Maltese history on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. 

The American-Canadian actress was asked whether she ever travelled around Europe. Ms Holden said she often followed her parents on film sets since they were also both in the movie industry, including England, France and Malta.

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Craig Ferguson was impressed by the mention of Malta, a place he said he never visited.

"It’s amazing. It kind of feels like Mars," she told him, before clarifying: "The landscape is very, very different. I was there when I was a kid."

We're not sure what Malta looked like when Ms Holden was a kid but it's pretty safe to say that the Mars resemblance is still there, what with our crater-like developments all around. 

However, there's actually another probable reason for Laurie Holden's comparison - the fact that her time in Malta was spent on the film set of The Martian Chronicles.

In 1998, she told People magazine that Malta was the place she got her first taste of acting:

Her parents divorced when Laurie was 5, and after her mom remarried—to director Michael Anderson (Around the World in 80 Days)—she and Chris spent most of their childhood in Toronto, their stepfather’s home, while making frequent visits to their dad back in L.A.

She was just 10, visiting the set of the 1980 miniseries The Martian Chronicles (which Anderson was directing) in Malta, when a child actress suddenly bailed out. “Everyone looked at me and said, ‘Can she act?’ ” recalls Holden. “All of a sudden, I’m Rock Hudson’s daughter.”

In another interview, she says her trip to Malta was the first she ever took as a child.

"My family relocated there for six months and it was hands down one of the most amazing times of my life," she said.

Now that's more like it. 


This week Malta was also discussed by Chris Martin and Michael Mcintyre spoke about the comedian's Maltese manager.

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