WATCH: Michael Mcintyre And Chris Martin's Malta Banter

And you'll never guess which joke eventually came up...

World-famous comedian Michael Mcintyre and Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin exchanged some quick quips about the Maltese on The Graham Norton show last week.

Currently promoting his new TV special, Mcintyre explained how his tour manager, who is the "sweetest, smallest Maltese man" bravely approached the security guards on his Australian leg of the tour to see if the locals would even get his joke about hanky-panky.

If you wanna skip ahead, Malta is brought up at 2:00.


Of course, as every foreigner would, Chris Martin jumped on the chance to throw in the classic 'Malteser' joke - cause what else would you do when we're brought up in a comedy show?

Mcintyre ran with the joke, explaining that his manager's bald head makes it look like you've eaten the top off the Malteser.

Maltese 2

You go Grazio!

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