Gentle Reminder: 2016 In Malta Wasn't All Shit

Random acts of kindness are still a thing

Not All Bad

This year has been a tumultuous one, and while every year sees its fair share of tragedies and icon's deaths, 2016 seemed particularly overpopulated with them. That being said, we really can't dismiss a whole 365 days of happenings. So in the spirit of that, let's take some time to appreciate the random acts of kindness throughout this year.

1. There were loads of people who take pride in doing a good job

Thanks 3
Kindness Hospital

2. And so many more who were generous to those in need

Thanks 2

700 boxes later and the #LovinMiliedChallenge was an amazing success.

3. Some people went out of their way to brighten others' days

From returning a wallet they thought they'd never see again


To trying to stop others from getting fined unnecessarily

Ticket Cover

4. And some individuals took some pretty brave steps

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"Yesterday my 18-year old-son ventured out to Paceville for the very first time in his teenage life. What's the big deal you may ask? Well, believe me it was a very big deal for him (and me) and thankfully another milestone was successfully crossed off his very long list of challenges that he wants to overcome. "


"Be brave, even when it's hard. There's hope at the end of the tunnel."

Charlene Mercieca

"I can now say that the old me has slowly died together with the cancer. I now feeling reborn into someone that I really like and look forward to explore the new Charly..."

5. So just remember everyone - we're all living on this tiny rock together

And let's make sure that 2017 is even nicer (despite the inevitable celebrity deaths and sickening world tragedies). Everyone's day-to-day kindness adds up to a whole lotta love on the rock.

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