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This Concert Marked The End Of The COVID-19 Emergency – But Not With A Human Audience

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On the day the COVID-19 emergency situation in Spain came to an end, a famous theatre in the city reopened its doors – but not for humans. Instead, a concert was performed for 2,292 plants.

Conceptual artist Eugenio Ampudia was the mind behind the project, which marked the end of a strange and isolated period.

He wanted to offer people a different perspective for the return to activity, emphasising our relationship with nature.

“I watched what was going on with nature during this time. I heard more birds singing, the plants in my garden and outside seemed to grow faster. Without a doubt, I can now relate in a much more intimate way with people and nature.”

The plants were donated to frontline healthcare workers after the curious concert came to an end, making sure that they would be well taken care off so they could keep purifying the air.

Even in Malta, people reconnected with nature throughout the pandemic. The outdoors became more popular as people started working from home, often being limited to their own bed or living room.

There are constant outcries for more greenery and natural spaces, both within the urban parts of Malta as well as the few natural areas that are left in the country’s outskirts.

Perhaps the concert was more of an artistic stunt than an idea that we should copy here in Malta, though Manoel Theatre would be the perfect backdrop for a green concert.

But it does pose the important question: how connected are we to nature these days?

Quiet rural areas are being ‘completely ruined’, and 90% of youths are of the opinion that the environment is getting worse. And with more construction than environmental protection, Malta’s natural areas are rapidly decreasing.

While we keep bringing plants inside, preserving the outside is just as vital for a viable future on the rock.

Have you felt a stronger need to spend time in nature since the start of the pandemic?

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