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Has Winter Finally Come To Malta? An Iron Throne Straight Out Of Game Of Thrones Just Showed Up In Valletta

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Please, my heart can’t take all this anticipation. Knowing that Game of Thrones’ final season is just over a week away is already too much to handle, but it seems like someone out there is intent on sending my geeky heart to an early grave.

A perfect replica of the Iron Throne from the hit HBO series has just mysteriously shown up right in front of the Parliament building in Valletta

According to reports sent in to Lovin Malta by readers who happened to be walking into Valletta at the time, the sword-covered throne just showed up on the back of a van just after 6am this morning with no warning or explanation.

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Screenshot 2019 04 05 At 06 47 03

The throne looks like it was meant for Instagram and photoshoots, and even has a stand showing the hashtag #GoForTheThrone next to it.

Screenshot 2019 04 05 At 06 54 16
Screenshot 2019 04 05 At 06 28 49

One eagle-eyed reader happened to be walking past while the throne was being unloaded as the sun rose

OK, so I don’t know what’s happening, but I love everything about this.

Is Jon Snow coming to Malta? Is this an official thank-you note to the islands for being the backdrop of some epic scenes in Season One? Is this some sick subtle joke about how our politicians are pretty much just modern day kings, queens and conquerors? Are dragons real, and if so, when do I get one?

We’ll be desperately trying to get to the bottom of things in the coming hours and days, but until then, you’ll have to excuse me; I need to rush to Valletta to sit on the Iron Throne and claim Westeros in the name of Malta. Hopefully before the White Walkers somehow make their way to the islands though.

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