Maltese Art Meets Popular Proverbs In The Most Adorable Way

And it's all in aid of charity


Art: Moira Scicluna Zahra

Facebook powerhouse Kelma Kelma has teamed up with Inspireand 12 local artists to create an epic calendar for next year, and the perfect secret santa gift for right now. 

The calendar's proceeds go towards the Inspire Foundation, a local organisation that helps over 1,000 people with varying disabilities. Every month pairs a well-known proverb associated with that time of year with an illustration from one of the featured artists.

May Nadine

Art: Nadine Noko

Inspire believes that everyone has a right to equality and inclusion, and they work towards achieving this by providing education, therapy and leisure sessions.

"When you buy this calendar, you'll be doing more than just making your desk or wall look prettier. You'll also be helping children and adults with a disability". 


Art: Haley Acreman

The artists featured in the calendar are Hayley Acreman, Marisa Attard, Saviour Baldacchino, Steve Bonello, Debbie Caruana Dingli, Sam Degaetano, C.S. Lawrence, Ġorġ Mallia, Nadine Noko, Mark Scicluna, Berivan Serin and Moira Zahra Scicluna. 

All of the original paintings have also been donated to Inspire to raise more funds by auctioning them to the public.


Art: Marisa Attard

You can buy the calendar online for just €6.50, with postage to Malta and Gozo included for free. Click here to pick up your copy!

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