These 8 Maltese Words Have Officially Been Added To Our Vocabulary

Stessu is so 2015

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The hilariously clever Maltese-language wizards over at Kelma Kelma have released their annual list of new Maltese words that came about in 2016. 

These words may not be dictionary entries, but as Kelma Kelma's founder Michael Spagnol (the same guy who gave us stessu and borrinu) pointed out: it's not the scholars who decide which words are good or bad, but the users.

Here are the top new words for 2016.

1. Piżellu


The mother of all insults from Emmy Bezzina's viral TV show sensation. This one just adds another vegetable to our endless list of edible insults. #Piżellu

2. Perf


If you're wondering what a perf looks like, or even how to become one, don't worry - we've got you covered

This newly-formed umbrella term for teens who frequent Beltos (aka Valletta) is one that came about as a reaction to the 1K-ers (a gang exclusive to those with 1,000 likes on their photos). #Perf

3. Blakafefobija

119908 Hot Coffee

The very real fear that you'll run out of coffee and feel shit all day. #Blakafefobija

4. Ħlewwa jew dnewwa

Trick Or Treat 136401340681103901 151030160610

Malta's take on the Halloween classic "trick or treat". It's the perfect replacement because it rhymes, and gives all children who say it a weirdly ominous vibe. #ĦlewwaJewDnewwa

5. Stramħabbat

Stress 2

When you're so busy all you want to do is curl up in bed and do absolutely nothing, but you can't because you're an adult and that's not how you deal with things. #Stramħabbat

6. Ġobnuż


For those special moments when someone, or something, is cheesy AF. #Ġobnuż

7. Skritratt


A quick and simple word for screenshot in Maltese. #Skritratt

8. Klixka

I Dont Know Her

The Maltese word for clickbait, which we've seen an awful lot of recently. #Klixka

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