13 Breathtaking Bike Trails In Malta

We may not have mountains, but we sure do have the scenery

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Malta's intense terrain, with hills and valleys all over the place, means that, at least for the time being, there aren't a whole lot of bike riders on a daily basis. 

However, the terrain also leads to some incredible scenic routes for more experienced bikers to get their hands - or wheels - all over. 

Here are some of the best routes for bikers around Malta and Gozo.

1. Victoria Lines

This high-altitude route is quiet, off-road, and it even comes with a bonus: you can see Sicily from here on a clear day.

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2. Mġarr hills

Mgarr is a small town, with tons of wavy hills surrounding it. You can head down to the sea, or head deep into farm country - just decide whether you want to go east or west.

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3. Xemxija to Għajn Tuffieħa

A bit of a long road, with some brutal uphills, but this is a must-do for anyone looking for a bit of a workout. 


4. Valletta fortifications

Get historical as you bike around Malta's capital city. When you are done, head into the city for a year of awesome cultural events related to being crowned the European Capital of Culture. 

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5. Coast road

One of the few places with a dedicated bike lane - at least for, like, 80% of it - this is a better route to do in winter than summer: it can get a bit smelly there in the hotter months.


6. Tarxien outskirts

With ancient temples, green valleys, and a lot of undeveloped land, this is a great place to go biking in all the months.

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7. San Ġwann to Naxxar

This is for people who prefer urban biking. You'll remain within city limits on this drive - but by the end, you'll be in Naxxar. 

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8. Mellieħa hills

Scenic seas, steep hills, and relatively quiet main roads - Mellieha could be a regular biker's dream.

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9. Fawwara trail

Expect to see more birds on this route due to the nearby nature park, as well as a multitude of ramblers. 


10. Gudja countryside

Head east from Gudja centre towards the Ħal-Għaxaq area to find some beautiful undeveloped lands and quiet roads. 


11. Luqa airport perimeter 

Try to head out for a group ride anytime there's an airshow for a great background sky.

Be wary when it's particularly windy though; you might come across a stray private jet.

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12. Dingli promenade

Offroad, and with the steepest views in Malta, avoid this route when it's windy or very rainy. 

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13. Dwejra, Gozo, mountain route

Ride by one of the oldest chapels in Gozo dedicated to Our Lady of the Annunciation, and refresh yourself in a water spring nearby built during the times of the Knights of Malta. Head to Lunzjata valley to visit St. Gregory’s catacombs if you can fit it in.

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