8 Things That'll Get You Weird Looks In Malta

Not that we need much encouragement for side-eye

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As welcoming as we pretend to be, the Maltese also have a tendency to stare at people... a lot. Moments that would go by unnoticed in larger cities cause a stir in the streets of Malta. Here are just a few examples of things that'll earn you a funny look.

1. Dressing differently

This doesn't only cover people who dress in outlandish outfits. You'll also get weird looks for deviating (even slightly) from the norm; like a man who's slightly fashion forward, or a person who's all about that androgynous vibe.

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2. Dying your hair a non-approved shade

The only acceptable choices that won't draw in judgmental eyes are emo black, done-in-my-bathtub blonde and Zejtun red.

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3. Reading in public

Anyone who reads on a bus knows people tend to be perplexed by the idea that you're absorbing knowledge for fun.

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4. Being a minority

This includes, but is definitely not limited to, being gay or black or having a disability. Of course, this doesn't mean you'll get outright hostility, but you'll feel the stares.

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5. Riding a bike

The Maltese have seen bikes before, so we're not going to stare with wide-eyed wonder. But you will be on the receiving end of some angry drivers' side-eye. 

Also some people will be confused as to why you choose to exercise while commuting.


6. Wearing the wrong colour during festa week

This is a dangerous one. When you move to a new town, make sure you know which colours belong to 'the enemy' and avoid wearing them on your casual stroll to the grocer.

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7. Speaking in English

If your English sounds foreign - you're fine; just another tourist giving us that sweet, sweet cash. But if you're a Maltese person choosing to speak in English, well then get ready for nanna Ġuża on the neighbouring bench to stare.

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8. Being alone

"Why is he eating alone? What a loser."

"She's at the bar with no friends? What a creep."

Maybe some people enjoy their own company? Nope. Alien concept to us - which means stares are guaranteed, along with hushed whispers and general distrust.

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