Maltese-Themed Valentine's Day Gifts For Every Kind Of Couple

Doing our bit to help you all score with your other halves


Whilst most of our readers think that Valentine's day is an "over-commercialised waste of money", Valentine's Day is a hard one to ignore. And even though your partner has told you over and over that they really don't want anything this year. Take it from us – they do.

So just to help you invest that money that is so mournfully let go of at this time of year, here's a few ideas for how to spend it on local gifts - no matter what kind of couple you are.

1. For the foodie couple

Pick up this hipster-licious recipe book, Eat In My Kitchen, which features Maltese recipes, and will look good on everyone's coffee table.


2. For the fashion-loving couple

Pick up a gorgeous neck scarf or tie by local designer Saz Mifsud. She's got a great selection for both men and women, and with different price points to suit every couple. 


3. For the movie-mad couple

Hours of analysing the nuances of a dramatic film based on real events reads like hot and heavy foreplay to some. Get your hands on a copy of locally-made Simshar to watch and crit together on a romantic night in. 

4. For the hipster-party couple

Local designer Marco Parascandalo has got just what your other half needs to look chic AF while on the party circuit in Malta. If you're smart about it you can even get a gift to share – his line includes some awesome unisex stuff. 


5. For the zen couple

Treat your loved one to a relaxing treatment at Malta's first eco-spa – Sanya. Actually, go ahead and get your own treatment too and make a day out of it for the both of you. Your body will thank you. 


6. For the adventure couple

If you love Malta and adventure in equal measure, then you need to get in touch with the Malta School of Flying. Speak to them on Facebook and organise a trial flight for you and your partner. It will be an unforgettable experience.  

Flying School

7. For the theatre-going couple

"This play contains nudity and scenes of a sexual and explicit nature" – sounds like the perfection description of a Valentine's evening. It's really a disclaimer for the new play, Unintended, produced by Unifaun Theatre. Pick up two tickets for you and your other half and enjoy a dramatic night out together. 

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BONUS: For any couple who could do with a bit of romance

Pack a homemade picnic and plan an evening watching one of Malta's spectacular winter sunsets. It's free and, honestly, better than anything else. 

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