The Best Scenes At The Hamrun Chocolate Festival

Somebody pinch us!


Yesterday evening, throngs of chocolate lovers and the ever-curious descended on the town of Hamrun for their annual Chocolate Festival, now in it’s eighth edition. The event proved to be another great success and a festivity for all the senses-turns out chocolate’s not just for eating! Here’s just a taster of what went down and what Lovin Malta got up to last night...

1. Enjoyed the band music out in the street

1 1

2. Got excited about Christmas for the first time this year!


3. Checked out the local talent and future stars on stage


4. Discovered new niche art forms such as chocolate sculpture…


5. And chocolate painting!

5 1

6. Marveled at chocolate sculptures of Titanic proportions


7. Went kannoli crazy at the Benna stall!


8. Tasted chocolate wine- does it get much better?


9. Pinched ourselves to check if we were dreaming. Nope, we actually were in chocolate heaven!

9 1
9 2
9 3
9 4

Photos by Joanna Demarco, words by Nicole Parnis.

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Written By

Joanna Demarco

Joanna is a local photographer who is curious about anything she's not really accustomed to, and likes to investigate this curiosity through the lens of a camera. You can follow her journey on Instagram @_joannademarco