All The Disgusting Stuff You Find When Cleaning Up The Countryside In Malta

We spent the morning in Chadwick Lakes

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We woke up bright and early this morning to clean up Chadwick Lakes, following a report by Victoria Frendo that one of Malta's last untouched green areas is actually being used as a dump. Five of us gathered 13 garbage bags of litter, filling up the better part of a skip in less than two hours. This is what we found.

1. Lots of plastic bottles and cans

Screen Shot 2017 01 14 At 5 11 47 Pm

2. Way too many wetwipes

Screen Shot 2017 01 14 At 5 06 32 Pm

3. The most random of objects

Including the remains of an inflatable dinghy, soiled cammo shorts, shoes, viagra and condoms.

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Img 9828

4. Not enough bins

Only two bins in an area so full of rubbish that we filled 13 garbage bags.

Img 9838

5. No signs reminding people not to litter

We really need something like this.

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6. Dead animal remains

Including a dog we found wrapped up in a garbage bag.

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7. Animal poo in plastic bags

You do realise the poo is better for the soil than a plastic bag right?

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It doesn't take a genius

8. Actual garbage bags

At least they've collected it for you. If only they disposed of it properly too.

Screen Shot 2017 01 11 At 12 47 35

9. Buckets... Lots of buckets

Screen Shot 2017 01 14 At 5 26 53 Pm
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BONUS: Not enough helpers

Thanks to the brave few who joined us! To everyone else, we'd love for you to join us next time. We'd be able to get a lot more done with some extra pairs of hands.

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Sign up here to take part in future clean-ups around Malta and Gozo! It's an incredibly rewarding experience and it's a great way of becoming more conscious of about your own litter. It's also a good workout!

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Chris Peregin