While We Were All Locked Inside During Last Weekend's Historic Storm, This Maltese Man Actually Went Surfing

All hail Surfer Dnegel

Lovin Malta Surfer Dude Storm Dnegel

If you’re anything like me, you’re not ashamed to say that you spent the Dnegel storm locked inside like a sensible adult. I spent all day sat on the sofa, armed with a big bag of popcorn and my Netflix episode paused as I scrolled through Facebook to watch the updates on the fish videos and the cows running.

But this particular man wasn’t content with just looking on. So he grabbed his windsurfing board, headed to Għadira and in the midst of Malta’s record-breaking storm, he surfed.

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Photo taken from the Facebook page of Matthew Miceli Demajo

Those closest to him had mixed reactions, to say the very least.

There were those who hailed him as the new dnegel:

Surfing Comments 2

And there was lots of commentary on his, um, genitalia:

Surfing Comments 1 1

While others who were agreed that no, this shouldn’t be a thing to be doing when there are over 100km/hr winds around.

Surfing Comments 3

What do you think of this surfer braving the waves during Storm Dnegel?

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