15 Insanely Talented Maltese Guitarists You Need To Know About

These aren't your average guitarists

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Middle inset: Nina Adams

For such a small island, Malta's got some talented musicians. But when it comes to Maltese guitarists, the country packs some serious punch.

There are metal guitarists who can shred the night away, freeform jazz funk masters who just need to know how far they can push the envelope, and even blind guitarists putting unique spins on classic tracks.

Here are just a handful of some of the most interesting guitarists on the island in no specific order.

1. Sean Vukovic

2. Owen Grech

3. Wayne Camilleri

4. Karl Abela

5. Janelle Borg

6. Jimmy Bartolo

7. Daniel Abdilla

8. Kyle Drakard

9. David Depasquale

10. Peter Borg

11. Frankie Calleja

12. Matthew Shields

13. Ricky

14. Warren Galea

15. Franco Tartaglia

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