WATCH: The Mediterranean Orchestra Has Officially Been Launched In Malta

Last night's spectacular opening featured Maltese musicians like Ira Losco alongside some of the finest from the region

A brand new orchestra made up of musicians from around the Mediterranean region has just been launched in Malta. The Mediterranean Orchestra is the newest orchestra in Europe and will be led by the renowned maestro Bruno Santori. 

"The final preparations to make the Mediterranean Orchestra a reality are underway. This orchestra will be based in Malta and made up from persons from countries in the Mediterranean," said Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi. 

The orchestra will be putting on a number of shows throughout the year, with the musicians returning to the island every few months to put on a high-level performance.

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The orchestra was launched last night in a spectacular event at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta. The orchestra, led by Bruno Santori and featuring 55 top musicians from around the Mediterranean as well as Maltese singer Ira Losco and blind guitarist Karl Abela, wowed the crowd with a series of classical and pop renditions. 

The musicians range from different countries, including France, Italy, Malta and Greece. The Orchestra was launched with help from the Malta Tourism Foundation, who, along with Konrad Mizzi, said that the primary goal of this initiative is for Malta to become a "leading centre for Mediterranean music." 

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Photo: Jason Borg

They also said that the Orchestra is part a Maltese product that is always improving itself, both for locals as well as foreigners. 

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Tag someone who is talented enough to join the Mediterranean Orchestra!

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