WATCH: This Video Will Make Your Day No Matter What You Think Of Marlene Farrugia

Once again, we've reached peak #SquadGoals

Marlene Farrugia may have been leading the charge towards a historic three-party Parliament during last month's election, but it's the videos of her dancing along to popular bangers at mass meetings that secured her place in Maltese internet history forever.

Now, M is back with a brand new video, and this time, she's got some help from percussions.

Just look at her; not a care in the world, having the time of her life. No matter what you think of Marlene and her political views, you can't deny this shit is gold. Especially when, 14 seconds in, she starts banging on the cymbals like there's no tomorrow.

The video was updated just this morning, but it's already gathered over 20K views. And of course, it brought out the edits all over again. 

Exhibit A. Marlene perfectly timing her cymbal-hitting a death metal song.

Marlene's moves first captured the imagination of this small nation while dancing along to Eiffel 65's Blue at a PN mass meeting in Sliema. Soon, Marlene was dancing along to anything from house music to Malta's very own Brikkuni. And it's sometimes difficult to tell whether it's real life or meme-life. But that's why we love it. 

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David Grech Urpani

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