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Dogzilla: The Maltese App For All Pet Owner Needs

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If you’re a dog owner living in Malta and want to join a community of like-minded pets and their people, you totally can. Dogzilla is an app that collects all the useful information that dog-owners would most be inclined to share – all in one place. 

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CEO Monkey, and his team

Dogzilla was created by Monkey and his team. The app’s main objective is to be useful and easy to use – with no ads and no registration.

“It’s about making the info we’ve collected available,” Monkey tells us. The app’s users help to keep the collection of info going. Together, the community puts together maps, emergency numbers, pet travel requirements, and any other useful information for dog owners. 

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So if you’re a dog owner (or even cat owner, there’s no discrimination) and want to be part of a group of caring, info-sharing, canine-crazy friends – download Dogzilla now.

Tag a friend who you know loves their dog and should be part of this community!

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