How To Keep Malta's Mosquitoes Out Of Your House

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We've previously discussed the vast range of emotions a cockroach attack can induce, but the buzzing bastards that are mosquitoes only elicit only one: pure rage. Their bites are annoying, they do that horrible buzzing thing and they're generally just unpleasant to look at.

In Malta we're lucky enough to not have to deal with the diseases they enjoy spreading, but we hate them anyway. Here's a couple of tips to keep your house mosquito free.

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1. Make sure your tank ta' fuq il-bejt (roof tank) is properly sealed

Not only is the thought of accidentally drinking mosquito-water horrific, but the giant body of water provides a perfect nesting ground for the buggers.


A well sealed rock

2. Have insect-screens installed on every window

Yes, even the smallest ones. They WILL find a way in.

Insect Screen

3. Avoid pools of water forming in your house

These can happen anywhere, from under your sink (a couple of drops slipping out of the pipes every time you use it is enough) to the bottom of your bin (particularly if you don't drain things properly before throwing them away). Stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes... also no one likes bin-juice. 

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4. Keep your plants in check

Change the water inside your flower vase every 2-3 days (no, the murky green goo at the bottom doesn't add to the aesthetic).

If you've forgotten to water your potted plants for over a week, don't overcompensate by drowning them the second you remember. If after you've watered them there's any water left in the plattina under the pot - drain it.

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5. Mow your damn lawn

And if you don't have a lawn, keep your balcony clean. This include getting rid of weeds (yes, weeds can grow in balcony gardens too) and organising the 'gas cylinder corner' you never seem to approach.


6. Change your pet's water regularly

Firstly, that's totally something you should do for your pet anyway - any water left out in the Maltese heat is gonna turn pretty disgusting, pretty fast. Secondly, again with the whole mosquito breeding ground shtick.

Channing Puppy

7. Plant some lavender

Now that you've gotten the hang of not murdering your plants with too much water, it's time to put that green thumb to good use, and get planting. Lavender makes the whole space smell lovely, except to mosquitoes (which is a win win really). Basil also works in a similar way and you can garnish your meals with your own fresh herbs!


How do you deal with the mosquito invasion? 

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