5 Top Spots For Diving In Malta

Seeing as it's the third best place to do it in the world...

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Malta is famous for having some of the best diving sites on the planet. And with the abundance of sea all around the little rock, it’s tough to choose where's best to plummet deep into the blue.

But if we must narrow it down, here goes...

1. Imperial Eagle

Screen Shot 2016 11 18 At 17 20 34
Max. depth: 40m, boat dive from Qawra

Resting at a depth of 40m, a sunken Gozo Ferry – the Imperial Eagle. Scuttled in the mid-90s, she has become a well-established wreck, teeming with moray eels, groupers as well as the odd octopus. 

This boat dive (500m off the shore) also boasts a statue of Christ which was placed on the seabed to protect local fishermen during Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1990.

2. Blue Hole and Azure Window

Screen Shot 2016 11 18 At 17 24 14
Avg. depth 20m­/40m; shore entry from Dwejra, Gozo

Entering from the iconic Inland Sea, the dive begins with a tight swim through a cave, leading out towards the coastal cliffs of Gozo. Be sure to spot the coral along the way (you might want to take a torch along).  Once you’re out of the tunnel, follow the wall along the cliffs, and eventually you’ll see the shadow of the Azure window above. 

Maybe don’t linger there for too long, it’s not going to stand forever.

3. Um El Faroud

Screen Shot 2016 11 18 At 17 27 02
Max. depth 35m; shore entry from Wied ż-­Żurrieq

A short swim off the shore of the stunning Wied iż­-Żurrieq leads you out into the open deep blue...only to be suddenly faced with the stern of the Faroud’s massive hull. Almost 20 years since being scuttled, the wreck is now a hotspot for barracuda and squid. If you get the chance, this wreck is spectacular for a night dive too.

4. Reqqa Point

Screen Shot 2016 11 18 At 17 32 44
Max. depth25m; shore entry

If you’re just looking for your fix of that deep blue, you may have just found it. This reef dive boasts a variety of marine life filling all of its fissures and cracks. Groupers, barracudas and morays abound. If Neptune is on your side you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive lobster. The dive  ends with a swim through a chimney at around 16 meters, slowly taking you back to the surface.

5. Blenheim Bomber

Screen Shot 2016 11 18 At 17 31 03
Max. depth 42m; boat dive from Marsaxlokk

This fragile relic dating back to WWII is one of Malta’s most unique wrecks. Still fairly intact, both its engines and one of the propellers survive. Damage has been caused over the years mainly due to weather, and divers are always encouraged to be gentle so as not to aggravate it. So please, don’t be that diver who sits on the wing for a selfie!

Which is your favourite diving spot in Malta? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments and tag someone you'd like to tick this list off with!

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