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While the battle to be crowned Malta's best stop for pastizzi was won by Crystal Palace (with a 27 point margin no less), Lovin Malta's controversial survey gave pastizzi rebels a chance to voice their faves, if they weren't listed.

We've tallied up the most popular suggestions and have mapped up a fun little route for you to follow - maybe if you jog from one to the other (and ignore any of your standard Maxims and Champs along the way) you may just burn off the calories.

Stop 1. Roger's Bakery - Zejtun


Of all our requests, Roger's was by far the most popular. Crispy pastry with a unique twist on a classic filling - one reader even went on to say "Bil-malti jaħraw fuq [competitor's name]"!

Location: Triq il-Kanonku Dedomenico, Zejtun

Walk 1

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Stop 2. Four T's - Għaxaq

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What better way to follow up the most popular request than with what was described as the "proper southern pastizz"?

Location: Bir Id-Deheb, Għaxaq

Walk 2

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Stop 3. Ta Sidor - Qormi


Sidor has been a staple for many years now, so much so that many contributors didn't delve into too many details on this one, and left it at a cheeky "just trust me".

Location: 52, Triq San Gużepp, Qormi

Walk 3

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Stop 4. Jeff's - Gżira


Word on the questionnaire street is that Jeff's are great because they cut down on the grease. In fact, two thirds of all suggesters mentioned a distinct lack of "xaham" in their comments.

Location: Rue D'Argens, Gzira

Walk 4

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Stop 5. Premier - Mosta

Why settle for a photo when there's this mini... err documentary? Premier is known by three simple adjectives that make or break any pastizz: tasty, crisp and golden. 

Also: genuine. So maybe four adjectives.

Location: Constitution Street, Mosta

Walk 5

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Stop 6. Crystal Palace - Rabat

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Aka Tas-Serkin. We couldn't have such an iconic marathon without including our very own poll winner

He's worked his way into the hearts of thousands of Maltese citizens, so it's best to end the crawl on a high - unless you have another favourite. Then just open up that glove compartment and extract the pastizz you've kept hidden all along!

Location: Triq San Pawl, Rabat

Bonus: Stop 7. Bellusa - Gozo

Don't stop, make it pop, DJ blow my pastizz up! If you're feeling extra adventurous take the party all the way to Victoria, Gozo and dine on some of Bellusa's finest pastizzi. And while you're up there, scout a few more Gozitan gems, we could do with a brush up for our sister island's crawl!

Location: Independence Square, Victoria, Gozo


Tag all the friends who'd totally be down to try this!

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