These Cosy Maltese Hangouts Will Keep You Warm This Winter

Someone grab a blanket


Seeing as Malta has been plunged into sub-zero temperatures overnight, we've anticipated our fellow locals' need for a cosy respite against the harshest of elements. 

Here's a run-down of some warm and snug hangouts for you all to defrost in:

1. Simon's Pub – Sliema

Simon's Pub has been home to a bunch of regulars since the 80s. It's somewhat of a hidden gem – small and warm, with charming bric-a-brac decor, cheap drinks and a games room at the back. It's perfect if you want a cosy beer with some mates, or if you're a British expat and want a taste of home.

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2. Coach & Horses – Msida

This retro bar enjoyed a revival a few years ago when a swarm of local hipster flocked through its humble doors. It's no longer open for walk-ins but if you're at a loss for where to plan your next event and want somewhere that's wintery-wonderful – get in touch with C&H.

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3. Trabuxu Wine Bar – Valletta

if you're after high-end cosy go for Trabuxu. Located in the most happening part of Valletta – Strait Street – this is the perfect place for a cosy group wine-binge with delicious platter-type food.

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4. Rising Sun Bar - Marsaxlokk

If you want authentic Maltese-cosy you've got to head south to the Rising Sun Bar in Marsaxlokk. Not only is it listed as one of the ten best places to eat in the village on TripAdvisor, it's family-owned and served and will majorly hit the tradition-spot.

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5. Flora's – Naxxar

If it's a warm coffee and a long chat you're after – Flora's is where it's at. It's central and the decor is so cosy it's like a really-cool nanna threw up all over it. That's a good thing.

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6. The Old Smuggler's – Balzan

If you want a warm plate of food that's delicious, unpretentious and comes with a cosy AF restaurant you need to reserve a table at Smuggler's in Balzan. The food is consistently great and the service is classic Maltese blunt-polite. 


7. Leglegin – Valletta

Do you need cosy hangout in date-night format? Legligin is your best bet – it's got a massive collection of delicious wines and offers small yummy dishes, so it's perfect to set to mood. 

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Have we missed your favourite cosy hangout? Tell us all about them in the comments section

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