9 Reasons Why Gozo Is The Perfect Place To Move To

And why so many people do...


If you've ever sat next to an old British couple on a plane ride to Malta and they didn't say they were really visiting Gozo, we'd be outright shocked. 

Gozo is a haven for retirees. Its laid-back lifestyle and beautiful scenery are perfectly-aligned with anyone who wants to sit back and enjoy the twilight of their life. But we're here to argue that it's not just perfect for the over 60s. Gozo is an awesome place to call home for anyone at any age.

Here's why.

1. The peace

There are some lovely spots in Malta where you can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. But with Gozo – that's what the whole island is like. If you want to chill out, this is the perfect place to move to. 

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2. The roads

You can count the number of traffic lights in Gozo on one hand, and there are generally way less cars on the road. You're not going to be pulling your hair out while waiting in standstill traffic when you're driving there. The only time it might happen is when Maltese people visit en masse


3. The food

Gozo has long been part of the Maltese Islands' foodie culture. People go crazy for its famous Gozitan goat's cheese, wonderful seafood restaurants, and of course – its unique take on conventional pizza


4. The hiking-potential

Gozo is full of dramatic-scenery. Hiking on this tiny island is an insane gift of seaside vistas juxtaposed against stunning rock formations. Every minute you spend hiking will be an Instagram moment. 

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5. The prices

Rent is generally cheaper in Gozo, and because a lot of the island hasn't been over-developed commercially, there are lots of old-school shops which you can get your groceries and household goods from at totally reasonable prices. 

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6. The buildings

The urban landscape in Gozo is way less dense than Malta, so the architectural gems peppered around the island really do stand out. The Ċittadella comes in at the top of the list – it is absolutely stunning and is packed full of history. But it doesn't end there – Gozitan churches alone are a treasure trove of architectural goodness. Ta' Pinu – a national shrine – is not only gorgeous, but really quite a moving and a wonderful way to spend a contemplative afternoon.  

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7. The simplicity 

If you're dying to cast off the shackles of ultra-urban living, then Gozo is the ultimate respite for you. It's quiet, it's green, it's friendly, it's cheap, it's small, but mostly it's just so easy. Think of it as an upgraded version of living off-the-grid. Heavenly.

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8. The celebrations

If you're worried it'll be too quiet a lifestyle, don't be. Gozo becomes the life of the archipelago party at least twice a year. During the feast of Santa Marija, where every Maltese family flocks over for some awesome Gozo-goodness; and at carnival – where locals and foreigners alike take part in the wildest carnival street party ever. Aside from these uber-occasions, there are local festi and great clubs on the islands that guarantee a super good time. And remember, it's only a fun ferry ride away from Malta.

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9. The culture

Malta has some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world. Gozo, also has a set of these. Ġgantija temples are more than 5500 years old and the world's second oldest manmade religious structures. Add to that two rival opera houses that put on amazing shows throughout the year – culture box, ticked. 

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BONUS: The goats

There are so many of these cute little guys. You're more than likely to spot a procession of them randomly in the streets. If you only needed one reason to move to Gozo – this is it. 

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Do you live in Gozo and absolutely love it? Let us know why in the comments section!

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