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Malta Could Be Added To A GREEN List Today As UK Reviews Safe Travel Zones

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Malta may have been grey-listed by the FATF yesterday but it could be added to the United Kingdom’s travel green list today, British media are reporting.

Sky News quoted sources as stating the UK could add Malta and the Balearic Islands to its ‘green list’, meaning travellers won’t have to quarantine upon their return.

BBC also reported that the UK will review its rules on foreign travel later but didn’t name any countries which could be added to the green list.

Previous reports in the British press that Malta would be green-listed proved to be wide off the mark. 

If these reports are true, it will serve as a timely boost to Malta’s tourism industry, which has taken a huge hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Malta has launched a set of incentives aimed at encouraging tourists to visit the island over the summer, including rebates of up to €200 for tourists who stay at three, four of five-star hotels and €100 vouchers for tourists older than 65 who travel to the island during the winter months.

The island has recorded consistently low daily COVID-19 numbers in recent weeks and its vaccination rate is one of the best worldwide. As it stands, 81% of the Maltese population has been vaccinated against the virus while 68% have been fully vaccinated.

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