The Travel Habits Of The Maltese, Explained

So that's how many Maltese people have travelled outside of Europe


Travelling to weird and wonderful destinations is more doable than ever, with more and more foreign lands becoming accessible for Maltese travellers.

With the world becoming more interconnected, could the typical go-to destinations of the past be changing with the times? Are Maltese flyers' choices following any trends?

Lovin Malta spoke to 500 survey respondents to find out more.

1. Malta's dream destination is...

Japan was the most common dream destination according to the survey's respondents. This was followed by places like New Zealand, Iceland and New York.

Many Asian destinations like Bali, Thailand and Bora Bora were mentioned. Some people said Malta was their dream destination, and one person dreamt of going to Gondor. 

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2. Partner is preferable

Over two-fifths of respondents said their preferred travelling companion would be their significant other. 

'Friends' and 'family' both came in at nearly the same about, at 17.5% and 17.3% respectively. 

One person responded with 'anyone who doesn't complain'.

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3. London was not the most common last destination

When asked which country they last visited, the most common response by far was Italy. One person even said they were responding to the survey from Linate Airport in Milan.

Germany, Spain and England were among the other popular countries respondents had last visited.

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4. Hotels are still the most popular choice 

While nearly a fifth of respondents were opting for Airbnb nowadays, 63.5% of respondents still said they usually stay in a hotel when abroad.

8.2% of respondents said they stay in hostels, while others used Couchsurfing, beach huts, or 'anywhere cheap and free'.

5. Over a quarter of respondents travel five or more times a year

While the largest percentage of people - 21.8% - said they travelled twice a year, 19% of respondents said they travelled 6 or more times a year. 

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6. Two-thirds have a holiday booked right now...

7. And most people don't care which airline they use to get there

While most people said they don't have a preferred airline, the three most popular airlines were Ryanair, Emirates and Airmalta.

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8. A lot of people choose their destination based on budget

'Budget', 'good deals' and 'cheapest flights' were major reasons for choosing a particular destination.

9. And a lot of people budget based on their destination

When asked how much money they typically spend abroad, the most common answer give by respondents was that it depended on where they were.

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10. Most people have travelled outside of Europe

Two out of three respondents said they had left Europe on at least one holiday. Similarly, nearly two out of three people said they had been on a cruise.

11. And there was one place that people overwhelmingly wanted direct flights to

New York would be the preferred connection for a direct flight from Malta, according to respondents. America in general came in at second place, followed by New Zealand, Australia, and Iceland.

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Did you expect these results?

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