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There’s A New Hotel In Valletta And It’s Gorgeous AF

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This new Valletta hotel might just have the best views in the capital.

Whether you’re planning to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site for the first time or just need an awesome weekend break in the city built by gentlemen for gentlemen, you must check out La Falconeria. The hotel in Melita Street is already making waves for its impressive design and perfect location. 

It’s got 43 rooms, a small indoor swimming pool in the original well, a quaint gym, and an awesome new restaurant that’s also open to the public for lunch and dinner. 

Just look at these pictures. 

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From the third floor upwards, guests can enjoy glimpses of the majestic cityscape, with harbour and distant sea views. But things get really good with the executive suites on the upper floors, which feature stunning views of five beautiful churches, along with views of Manoel Island and the Sliema promenade. 

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The hotel’s name comes from Melita Street’s former colloquial name Strada del Gran Falconiere. Traditionally, the Knights of the Order were required to send a single Maltese falcon every year as an annual fee to Charles V of Spain, King of Sicily, who ruled Malta in the 16th century and had given the island to the Knights in their religious mission. The falcons were kept in Melita Street.

There are two sides to this hotel. The front half of the building is hundreds of years old, while the latter half was destroyed in WWII, and rebuilt in a modern style while in symmetry to the rest of the city. An outdoor courtyard is central to this hotel, providing a relaxing oasis in the open air under the warm Mediterranean sun. 

The hotel was designed by Mark Muscat and is managed by Steven Hyzler. 

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Tag the special person in your life and get booking!

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