Model Tiffany Pisani Surprised By 'De La Cheese' MP Live On Air

One of the many memorable moments from this week's Lovin Live

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After accidentally creating the best PR campaign for Labour MP Anthony Agius Decelis by mistakenly referring to him as Tony Agius De La Cheese during an interview with the Prime Minister, Britain's Next Top Model winner and current Miss Universe Malta title holder Tiffany Pisani finally got to meet the man himself.

It all happened during this week's Lovin Live episode, which saw a couple of cheese references being thrown around from the get-go. By the end of the episode, however, things went into overdrive when a whole cheese platter courtesy of by Salumeria was brought out. The whole thing took Tiffany by surprise, but a massive mound of cheese wasn't enough. 

A couple of seconds later and moments before the show's end, the Labour MP himself came out... something which Tiff was definitely not waiting for. De La Cheese (yes, that's his surname forever now) was clearly honoured to finally meet the unlikeliest boost to his campaign, literally opening with a hilarious, "Thank you so much." The Labour MP even followed the whole thing up with a tweet a couple of minutes later, showing a selfie with the model herself.

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This week's Lovin Live episode saw the Maltese model and personal trainer Daniel Lake meet our very own Chucky for a fun-filled half hour. Here's how it all went down.

1. Chucky got an upgrade

A star shouldn't be expected to drive his own car to the set, so Muscat Motors graciously provided him with an awesome Jaguar F-Pace... and a chauffeur! He nearly arrived late, but as he explained to Daddy on the phone, it definitely wasn't the SUV's fault. It wasn't anyone's fault really. Except the chauffeur's. It was definitely the chauffeur's fault.

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2. "Some cheese would go perfectly with this... "

Chucky hadn't even sat down with his Torres Santa Digna wine until the first cheese reference was brought up. And it wasn't even from his side; Tiftif hit us with that classic self-referential dig.

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3. A revealing round of SHIIIIIIEEEEEET

The tough (and at times extremely awkward) Shiiiiiieeeeeet question segment was back this week, and it saw the guests and host alike being put on the spot. From Chucky admitting his boyfriend doesn't know he picks his nose while driving (look out for that one on the road!) to Tiffany trying to pronounce difficult surnames. For the record, she didn't even try, and instantly hit us with a hilarious "Penguin, Chocolate and Popadoms" instead of Peregin, Cacciattolo and Papagiorcopulo.

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4. Chucky gets a Sia haircut

There are loads of highlights from Tiffany's time at Britain's Next Top Model, but none are as popular as that fateful time she got a pixie haircut. Chucky offered Tiftif the satisfaction of avenging her lost locks by cutting some of his hair... or rather, a wig which looked eerily similar to the model's original look. 

Professionals were on hand to make sure the final cut was a little sleeker, and thanks to the stylists from Dean Gera Salons, Chucky was soon rocking a fabulous look straight out of a Sia music video.

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5. "It just says, 'Why Daniel? Why?' "

As soon as personal trainer (and absolute hunk) Daniel Lake came down the pole, Chucky had one question to ask, and it all had to do with the fitness freak's sun nipple tattoo. As Lake explained, though, there isn't really a reason behind the ink, and was instead the result of a 17-year-old's whim. "It was actually a symbol of independence," he said.

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6. Daniel Lake trying to guess disgusting things just by touching them

Sure, he couldn't get tomato sauce, but Lake got a soiled nappy (with Nutella, don't worry!) and a couple of fish heads. 

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7. Sucking helium and telling lame dad jokes is a match made in heaven

Between the extremely lame (read: side-splitting) jokes, Lake taking a big old suck which dropped his voice down by a couple of semitones, and Tiffany's hilarious pitch-change, you had to be there. Or just listen in and relive it!

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Lovin Live would not have been possible without our sponsors; Rec Media Room for their awesome studio, Satariano Home for the furniture, Laferla for insuring Chucky on their Gold Plan in case anything goes wrong, P. Cutajar for the wine, UltimateKaxxa PackagingDean Gera SalonsMalta Warehouse and Muscat Motors for the sweet ride to the studio!

If you've got 30 free minutes, here's this week's episode of Lovin Live in all its glory. In the meantime, stay tuned for Episode Three, coming next week!

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