WATCH: 'Merry Christmas 50,000 Times' Guy Is Back For The New Year... 100,000 Times Crazier

Talk about commitment...

Remember Gabriel Tonna? The guy who spent four hours and fourty seven minutes saying 'Merry Christmas' last week? Well, he's back. And I only have one question for him:

Local YouTuber Gabz just spent ten and a half hours saying 'Happy New Year' live on camera. His goal was to say 'Happy New Year' 100,000 times - double the amount he had previously reached - however, he stopped at the 75,000 mark. But I mean, we can't be mad about it. Ten and a half hours is pretty frikkin intense.

If we want to be really technical, he was actually saying 'happy year'. I'm not sure why. At around the half hour mark, the word 'new' seemed to have vanished and it never returned. And people definitely picked up on that.

Happy Year?

But overall people were mega supportive, cheering Gabz on as he yawned his way through what he would definitely soon start to regret. They even offered him some pretty creatives ways to opt out of a couple 'Happy New Years'.


Once he realises that reaching 100,000 may be humanly impossible, he opts to aim for a solid 75,000 - 25,000 more than his Christmas video. If anyone needs a dose of pure, unadulterated joy in their life, just look at this image of Gabz finally reaching 75,000:

happy gabz

We hope you got some rest Gabz, and please let us know if your voice box is still working! What's next?

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