WATCH: We've Just Found The Next Maltese Summer Anthem

And it comes with a fun video full of cameos

Maltese band Bark Bark Disco has been one of the top local quirky bands for a couple of years now. The brainchild of Ian Schranz, former drummer of the legendary Beangrowers and later also summery duo The Shh, Bark Bark Disco has seen various collaborations with different Maltese musicians over the years. And now, Ian's back with a new super cool song and video.

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The first single from an upcoming album, Honey I Love You Now is set to be this year's summer anthem. And the music video actually features a long list of cameos from the local alternative music scene set against beautiful Valletta. 

Ian's quirky dance moves are quickly joined by loads of artists many people from the scene will instantly recognize, including Brikkuni's Mario Vella, alternative sweetheart YEWS, loveable drummer-singer-songwriter Zizza from Brodu, and young punk-turned-collaborator Daniel Abdilla. See if you can also spot actress Marama Corlett, who's currently been making it big time abroad!

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"Most of the people you see were actually just passing by," Schranz admitted. "We had a couple of musicians who we planned to shoot with because they worked on the song's backing vocals, but the other appearances were absolutely coincidental."

Artists and musicians weren't the only thing people who joined in on the fun, with random passers-by ending up dancing along to the song, including an absolutely adorable nannu.

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Some of the video was also shot in Hole In The Wall, a cool venue and hangout which recently reopened its doors thanks to Ian himself, making it one of the oldest pubs in Sliema

The pub also has some pretty cool portraits of various Maltese artists and personalities on the wall which Ian frequently draws and adds to the collection.

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The music video to Honey I Love You Now was shot by Franco Rizzo in collaboration with Imitosis Media, who have been directing music videos for the scene throughout last year. The song can be downloaded from Bandcamp, and you can name your own price. "It's for fun and love," Ian concluded.

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