13 Maltese-isms We Need To Stop Using

Please, make me a favour and just cut it out ejja!

Call And Cut

The Maltese language is one that a lot of people are very proud of - and rightly so. But apart from having two official languages (which is also pretty neat), we have a third, secret language. These phrases, made up of perfectly normal English words strung together in a way that doesn't make any sense outside of Malta, are more commonly referred to as a Maltesisms.

Here are just a few examples:

1. "Ahh, no normally I STAY WITH Bettina and Sarah."

Cause saying "my usual group of friends" carries too much commitment, it's better to list people you 'stay with' - less space for heartbreak.

Stay With

2. "Do you have any orange juice OF PEACH."

Usually more of a thing amongst the older generations (most likely due to the fact that they never really had much variety to start off with), this also manifests as "pakkett twistees" being the collective term for any and all snacks.

Of Peach

3. "Don't ITCH your mosquito bite!"

You have an itch, or something something itches you, and then you scratch it. Nice and easy.

Itch Mosquito

4. "Call and CUT when you arrive."

"Taqta l-linja" or "hang up the phone" - a tough decision but one you're going to have to make.

Call And Cut

5. "I need to PULL some money"

Try one of our handy pickup lines, it might help!

Pull Some Money

6. "Sorry I interrupted! CONTINUE..."

While not being incorrect, most people who speak English as a first language are confused by our use of "continue" instead of "carry on" to ask someone to go on explaining.


7. "Stop it, you're making me NERVOUS!"

Nervous is not the same as nervi, so unless whatever it is makes you uneasy, you're irritated/angry, not nervous.


8. "Can you MAKE ME a favour"

Għamilli pjaċir, perhaps?


9. "The exam wasn't too bad, I WENT WELL I think."

Glad to hear, although you probably didn't "go" so well in English.

Went Well

10. "IF THAT I'll just meet you there..."

"Jekk dak narak hemm!" - oops.

If That

11. "Have you tried the traditional CHEESECAKE?"

How did we become the only nation in the world to have cheesecake default as savoury?


12. "Then just tell me how much IT COMES"

Do you mean the total cost, or am I missing some horrible innuendo? 

It Come

13. "I'm really proud of Thomas! He GOT ME A 1 in physics!"

Got Me A

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Chucky Bartolo

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