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‘Tal-Biża!’: Amber Rages Against 14-Hour Power Cut Amid Malta’s Heatwave

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A 14-hour power cut in parts of Malta during the middle of one of the worst heatwaves the country has seen in years has led to growing frustrations among scores of people. Amber, a popular local singer, took to her Instagram to address the issue head on.

“14 hours without electricity…We’ve been since 10pm yesterday with no electricity,” Amber said in the video.

“The most irritating and infuriating thing was that I personally tried to contact Enemalta via telephone and their line is down. The least they could do is a post on Facebook to notify people that electricity won’t be available, or else offer a timeframe in which the electricity would be restored, so that people can at least see what they can do at that time.”

“This is a massive problem! My mind is not even functioning properly right now because the heat has gotten to me.”

Amber was quick to remind viewers that the issue could have devastating effects on some of the most vulnerable in the country.

“And for those saying that a big fuss is being made, I’d like you to think of the older people, and the suffering that they must be going through with this heatwave…Or those that are bed-ridden. Because I am still young, and I’ll manage to maybe go out for a drive in the AC, but what about those people that are not able to do this? My heart goes out to these people. Think of them.”

Earlier, Lovin Malta reported how a mother ended up having to resort to taking her one-year-old son to sleep in the car, because of the extremity of the heat that Malta is currently seeing and being left without electricity last night.

Powercuts across Malta are set to continue with Enemalta releasing its schedule for planned disruptions in the country over the next two weeks.


Here’s what Amber had to say 13 hours into a #powercut during a record-breaking Maltese #heatwave 👀 #fyp #malta #fypmalta #lovinmalta

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Have you been affected by a power cut recently? 

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