Another Case Of Animal Cruelty Surfaces In Malta

Puppies thrown away in a sack


A sack of newborn puppies were found discarded in a sack near Żebbuġ yesterday by a group of scouts.  One of the puppies survived, but the other two did not, according to a report in The Times.

The Stella Maris College group rescued the forsaken puppies after they heard whimpering and caught glimpses of the sack moving. The group notified the Animal Welfare Department who arrived to collect both the surviving puppy, as well as the two which had died. 

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This story comes not long after the recent case of Horace the boxer, who was found brutally tortured by his former owner. A representative from the Abandoned Animals Association (AAA) described how Horace had been victim to violent mutilation, including being shot at with lead pellets several times.

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If you are aware of a case were an animal is being treated cruelly or inappropriately, please report it to Animal Welfare Department (+356 22924132 , +356 22924113 and +356 22924247), the MSPCA, the Gozo SPCA, or the Abandoned Animals Association (AAA).

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