Four Eurovision Stars Who Performed Pregnant

Ira Losco will be the fifth


Ira Losco has finally confirmed she's pregnant. But she won't be the first to perform at the Eurovision with a baby bump.

That said, she's still in the running to be the first pregnant Eurovision winner. These four performers didn't make it anywhere close.

1. Regina from Slovenia 

In 1996, Regina represented Slovenia while pregnant. She placed 14th. In a recent interview she said she would have rather enjoyed the experiences separately. 

"Performing on Eurovision is fantastic, but it is also full of responsibility and stress which does not have a good effect on the baby and the other way around," she said.

2. Anna Świątczak from Poland

In 2006, Anna Świątczak, the female vocalist of Polish group Ich Troje, was also expecting. 

The band placed 11th. 

3.  Aurela Gaca from Albania

In 2011, Aurela Gaça of Albania chose not to reveal her pregnancy until after the contest. She did not qualify for the final. 

4. Birgit from Estonia

Birgit Õigemeel who represented Estonia in the 2013 contest was also preggers when she performed. Her long flowing white dress even needed some last minute adjustments between her first rehearsal and her performance. She placed 20th in the final.

Ira Losco, who is according to bookies among the favourites to win this year's festival, will be singing her song Walk on Water.

This is the second time the popular Maltese starlet will be taking part in the Eurovision, having placed second in 2002 with 7th Wonder.

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Ira Losco and Sean Gravina

Ira Losco, 34, is in a long-term relationship with popular Maltese chef Sean Gravina.

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